Published: 5th Feb 2013

Early last year I met a guy who proudly told me he’d soon be able to retire. He’d self-invested all of his pension pot in Apple shares and watched their value grow and grow. He was planning a decadent old age, with lots or travel, red wine and fast cars. It’s how many baby boomers imagine old age will be. I’ve not seen him lately, but Apple shares have dropped a third in value and so too has his pension fund. ‘Tough.’ I hear you say, but where is your pension invested? You probably don’t entirely know where it is. I certainly don’t. My pension adviser talks enthusiastically about the various funds he feels can do great things for my pension. But apart from insisting on no tobacco, arms or users of third world slave labour I simply go along with what he suggests. Yes it’s important, but it’s also … (To read the full article, subscribe below)