Published: 24th May 2018

Extending the reach of affordable solar energy will have both environmental and societal benefits says Dr. Geoff J. Nesbitt, CEO, Verditek. Some have accused the e-tech and energy industries of posturing behind clean technology in a bid to appear more environmentally conscious and consumer friendly. Generating and using clean energy can have a real positive environmental impact and emerging cost-effective innovations in clean technology mean a greater influence can be made on both environmental and societal levels. While the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google’s parent company Alphabet have made tremendous commitments to reduce their carbon footprints, the move towards cleaner energy creation and consumption shouldn’t be viewed as an elite crusade that only the world’s biggest brands have the capital and resource to join. While these behemoth organisations are leading by example and setting greener standards, it’s still possible to make a tangible impact through smaller, more affordable gestures. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)