Published: 12th Oct 2017

John P. Houghton, a consultant and former policymaker, has written a series of essays on the past, present and future of regeneration in England. In this third and final piece he calls for a new agenda for the poorest places focused in reconnection, resilience and rights. The era of regeneration is over. In many places, regeneration is a threat, not a promise. The assumption that regeneration equals gentrification is too simplistic, and simply nonsensical in some areas. Yet in too many places, regeneration has led to stasis at best and further damage and abandonment at worst. The shamans of the old religion still recant the same prayers and promises of a better life, if only we keep the faith. But nobody believes them anymore. There was a reformation a few years back, when the opponents of top-down, bricks and mortar urban change pinned their objections to the door of ministers … (To read the full article, subscribe below)