Published: 12th Sep 2017

Regeneration programmes in the 30 years to 2010 failed to embed themselves fully within communities and broader local economic structures.  John P. Houghton, a regeneration consultant and former policy-maker involved in neighbourhood renewal in the 90s, has written a series of essays on the lessons from past programmes. In the first of a three-part series, he writes here about why so little has changed in places that received large amounts of regeneration funding. Despite, not because of… The Deptford neighbourhood of south east London was the recipient of almost every national programme that was delivered during the era of regeneration and renewal: Estate Action; City Challenge; Single Regeneration Budget; and several elements of the National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal. It also featured prominently in regional initiatives like the Thames Gateway Development programme. A community-based study in 2001 calculated that around £150m was spent on regeneration activities over the preceding decade, in … (To read the full article, subscribe below)