Published: 25th Sep 2017

John P. Houghton, a consultant and former policymaker, has written a series of essays on the past, present and future of regeneration. Here he surveys the current landscape. The end of an era The election of the coalition government in 2010 brought to an official end the era of regeneration in England. In the run-up to the election, Eric Pickles had promised to help ‘those run-down estates, those children in sink schools, the unemployed. Those communities forgotten and neglected by Labour’. In power, however, the coalition developed no programme for addressing this apparent abandonment. There was only one mention of deprived areas in the coalition agreement, and this was a very specific pledge to train up a new generation of community organisers. Meanwhile, the area-based grant, which funnelled money toward areas with higher levels of deprivation, was subject to deep cuts, and dedicated regeneration funds were reduced ‘much more severely … (To read the full article, subscribe below)