Published: 23rd Jul 2019

Homeless people in Birmingham are routinely being refused access to basic NHS services, according to research by the University of Birmingham. Researchers interviewed 22 homeless people aged over 18 at three Midland homeless shelters in order to gauge their experience of accessing NHS services following anecdotal reports that the homeless were being denied access and faced negative experiences. Some of the study participants described facing no barriers to access but others reported accounts of casual neglect, discrimination, and inadequate resources across general practice, accident and emergency departments, and mental health services. Some also reported being denied registration at a GP, while others said they were discharged from hospital onto the streets with no access or referral to primary care providers, and others said they could not access services providing support to those with substance misuse issues and mental health problems. One participant described resorting to committing crimes so that they … (To read the full article, subscribe below)