Published: 16th Oct 2017

The think tank Localis has called for radical measures, including new towns in the south east of England, to help break the deadlock of people being unable to afford to buy a home. In a report published today, called Disrupting the Housing Market, the think tank calls for the extension of the principle of auto-enrolment from pensions to saving deposits among 18-40 year-olds to radically speed up the time it takes young people to earn the deposit for their first house. It also recommends employers and government chip into the auto-enrolment schemes to help homebuyers save enough. The report suggests giving local authorities discretion to re-designate greenbelt land through the creation of ‘yellowfield registers’, which will allow the sustainable release of land for new homes. It calls on government to give local authorities more flexibility to plan for new homes and recommends the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) be tasked with … (To read the full article, subscribe below)