Published: 29th Jan 2009

Regeneration bosses in Liverpool have been tackling the issue of bogus callers intent on burglary with the help of the police and an amateur dramatics group. Older people in Merseyside have been warned about the threat of fraudsters at a special event held at the city’s Fairfield Police Club. Merseyside Police helped to organise the day, which was funded by Kensington Regeneration new deal for communities initiative. Residents were given information on the dangers of distraction burglary. Examples of distraction burglary include callers pretending to be from various utility services in order to gain access to homes. Victims of the crime are usually elderly or vulnerable and it is good to see Kensington Regeneration, as the largest new deal for communities initiative in the UK, combating the problem. The day kicked off with a series of safety speeches from the Kensington new deal police team, who highlighted the tricks and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)