Published: 7th Apr 2020

Hackney Council is now sourcing 100% of the electricity it uses from renewable sources. The increase, which came into effect last week (April 1), sees all of the council’s electricity sourced from wind and solar power and is being introduced alongside a range of other decarbonisation measures. These include large rooftop solar panel schemes across council buildings, and the recently-announced Green Homes programme, which will provide free insulation and trial renewable heating upgrades to help residents save money on energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These schemes are being delivered through the council’s publicly-owned energy services company, Hackney Light and Power. The authority is also set to install an additional 182 electric vehicle charging points this year, alongside a feasibility study into delivering chargers on every street in the borough, and is also converting all street lamps in the borough to energy-efficient LED bulbs by 2022. Philip Glanville, Mayor … (To read the full article, subscribe below)