Stand-up comedians and teenage school children might disagree, but apparently the most controversial word in the England language is now ‘regeneration’. The controversy surrounding estate regeneration programmes, particularly in Haringey and Cressingham Gardens in Lambeth and the inevitable cries by some of ‘social cleansing’ and ‘gentrification’ means the subject is rapidly acquiring a notoriety all of its own. And as last year’s Dispossession documentary proved, politicians and residents have very strong views on how they should be involved in any regeneration plans. The issue of how to achieve regeneration without gentrification was thrown into sharp focus yesterday (7 March) at the Total Housing 2018 conference in Brighton, which was organised by the Chartered Institute of Housing. The debate featured two presentations – one from the chief executive of Poplar Harca, Steve Stride and another by the chief executive of Stoll, Ed Tytherleigh. Mr Stride started his presentation by saying that … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Jamie Hailstone

Senior reporter – NewStart