Published: 6th Aug 2020

The government has revealed its plans to reform the planning system, which it claims is ‘sluggish’ and ‘outdated’. Housing secretary Robert Jenrick has today (6 August) published details of a new white paper, which he said would ‘cut red tape’ and make planning decisions ‘simple and transparent’. The details of the white paper were first trailed in the Sunday Telegraph last weekend, which prompted criticism from local government leaders that it could lead to poorer quality homes. Under the proposals, local communities will be consulted from the very beginning of the planning process. Green spaces would also be protected for future generations by allowing for more building on brownfield land and all new streets to be tree lined And every local authority would have to develop and agree a local housing plan within 30 months. A new simpler national levy would be introduced to replace the current system of developer … (To read the full article, subscribe below)