Published: 5th Mar 2018

An obscure government consultation may hold the key to advancing true localism, says Roy Payne Odd as it may sound, but nuclear waste management policy could be a vehicle for turning recommendations of the Commission on the Future of Localism into reality, by supporting the creation of a radical new democratic model that empowers communities to shape their own future. Parallels between the Commission on the future of localism and the government’s recent report on working with communities to implement geological disposal are not immediately obvious. That’s not surprising: they may have been published in the same week, but the two documents come from very different worlds. However, take a closer look, and if you try to ‘translate’ the geological disposal report into the language of localism, it becomes clearer that while the documents started in different places, they’ve arrived at very similar destinations. Vidhya Alakeson, chief executive of Power to Change recently … (To read the full article, subscribe below)