Published: 1st Oct 2020

Ministerial plans to shake up the planning system and introduce an ‘algorithim’ to determine new housing targets have come under fire from more Conservative MPs. The government is looking to reform the national planning system with several wide-ranging changes, which were debated in Parliament last night (30 September). The debate came as housing secretary Robert Jenrick announced that new homes delivered through permitted development rights will now have to meet space standards. The space standard begins at 37m² of floorspace for a new one bed flat with a shower room (39m² with a bathroom), ensuring proper living space for a single occupier. The issue of converting office blocks into flats through permitted development rights proved to be a popular topic in the parliamentary debate. ‘Up to 60,000 units have been built under the previous extension to permitted development, many of which are unfit for human habitation,’ said Labour MP Mike … (To read the full article, subscribe below)