Published: 4th Feb 2019

An £85m regeneration project in Gloucester has taken a step forward with the demolition of the ageing Grosvenor House building and former bus station. However, it’s happening alongside archaeological work to uncover what could be nationally important heritage assets. It is believed that the missing Whitefriars monastery could be found under the existing bus station, and demolition work will allow the site to be excavated before building work to create the new development begins. It is also hoped that by digging seven trenches ranging from 20m x 2m and 2m x 2m around the site, further parts of the original Roman city Glevum, thought to have been there since 1268, and evidence of a medieval and possibly Saxon settlement will be revealed. Cllr Paul James, leader of Gloucester City Council, said: ‘It’s incredible to think of what lies beneath our city and that somewhere around this area could be Whitefriars … (To read the full article, subscribe below)