Published: 22nd Nov 2019

Glasgow-based social enterprise Society Zero has launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy an electric van, which they want to turn into a mobile zero-waste shop. Zero-waste stores have popped up in towns and cities across the country in recent years, offering a range of plastic-free items from pasta, tea and vegetables to household essentials like shampoo and washing-up liquid. Society Zero currently run a market stall in the city but they want to buy an electric van so they can set up shop at various places across Glasgow and sell zero-waste goods. They were recently offered a chance to buy a van by another social enterprise in Arran, which includes shelving, a fridge and a freezer. They say they need £11,000 to buy and upgrade the vehicle. They have a strong social mission, and want the van to reach marginalised and disadvantaged communities with personalised support such as donations of reusables, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)