Published: 12th Dec 2019

Nine districts in Glasgow City Centre has already or will have a District Regeneration Framework (DRF), with a ten-year project agreed in the St Enoch area.  The DRF for each district will outline the various short and long-term actions that the council hopes will bring about economic, environmental and social improvements to the ara. The DRF’s are each created with input from local communities, organisations and a wide range of stakeholders. The council has recently agreed on a plan to regenerate the St Enoch area, over 5,500 people were directly involved in this consultation. The St Enoch area was described in the consultation as being car-dominated, secluded and lacking in street life and activity. There is also a lack of green space in the area, with many of the consultees observing that:  ‘The streets are unattractive.’ The ten-year project will, therefore, work to improve this directed, by improving the competitiveness … (To read the full article, subscribe below)