Published: 13th Feb 2019

Glasgow City Council has approved a ‘Property and Land Strategy’ which could see much of its substantial portfolio of property, community and land assets sold off or transferred into community ownership. The council has more than 1,000 operational properties, including schools and nurseries, care homes, offices, community and sports centres, museums, galleries and libraries, as well as surplus property and land. However, it was revealed by the Glasgow Evening Times last week that the council is facing a spending gap of over £50m this year, with a range of cost-cutting measures, including the closure of community assets, being considered. Last month New Start revealed the authority is considering moving some of its council offices from the city centre to key regeneration areas across the city, as part of the new strategy which will act ‘as a catalyst for the social and economic regeneration of local communities.’ Cllr Kenny McLean, city convener … (To read the full article, subscribe below)