Published: 8th Mar 2019

A new report claims that 41% of Londoners cannot afford a basic decent standard of living. The figures, published on Wednesday (March 6), are based on the Minimum Income Standard (MIS), which is the income that people need in order to achieve a minimum ‘socially acceptable’ standard of living in the UK today, and is set by Loughborough’s Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP). Three-quarters of Londoners within incomes below MIS are living in rented accommodation, 1.3 million in the private rented sector and 1.4 million in social housing. The report also painted a worrying picture for London’s young people, with researchers finding that half are from households which fall below this threshold. For the rest of the UK, 29% of people do not meet the criteria of the same minimum living standard. To calculate the MIS, researchers bring together groups of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, asking questions about their budget to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)