Published: 16th Aug 2017

There are now 900 Food Assemblies across Europe, helping urban communities connect with farmers and cut out supermarkets.  Nithin Coca reports on their rise. The first ‘Ruche’ or Food Assembly, took place in La Fauga in France, near the city of Toulouse, in September 2011. It was a space where consumers could meet food producers and pick up produce that they had previously ordered online. Since then, it has grown into a robust network of independently operated farmers’ markets organised via an online platform. The timing for the launch of Food Assembly was ideal. In France, campaigns against genetically modified food had been simmering for years, and along with a drought and other challenges affecting French farmers, there was a strong desire for new, sustainable alternatives. What made Food Assembly stand out from other similar projects was that it incorporated the concerns of not just consumers in its platform but … (To read the full article, subscribe below)