Published: 28th Feb 2011

The prosperity gap between places is once again being exposed as areas attempt to recover from recession and cutbacks. But economic growth isn’t the only option, says Sarah Longlands Over the last year, CLES has been working with 15 local authorities across the UK, helping them to understand the resilience of their areas and to test a new model that we have developed. Based on this research, we have just launched our conclusions in a new publication, Productive Local Economies: Creating Resilient Places. It sheds new light on the challenges local areas face and underlines why local economic development and regeneration are more important then ever. Understanding resilience is about understanding the ability of an area to respond effectively to the challenges it faces; what enables some areas to respond from shocks, whether they are economic, social or environmental, while others falter and decline? In order to understand resilience better, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)