Published: 14th Aug 2020

During the pandemic, the ‘Everyone In’ scheme has brought 15,000 people off the streets and into temporary accommodation, but as the initiative draws to a close, what will happen next to those most in need? As lockdown began, the government, charities, local authorities and the hospitality sector banded together to offer safety to thousands of rough sleepers, many of whom were housed in hotels and hostels across the country. However as this scheme draws to a close and life for many begins to return to ‘normal’, what will happen to those most in need? Alexia Murphy, executive director of operations at Depaul UK, a charity offering accommodation to homeless people across the UK, told NewStart about the progress made in hotels in Manchester and London: ‘When the call came at the beginning of April to open the hotels, the whole operation was very well orchestrated and very well supported. ‘In respect … (To read the full article, subscribe below)