Published: 8th Aug 2018

One of the main objections from communities who have undergone gentrification is that they feel their voices haven’t been heard. 25-year-old filmmaker Shane Duncan aimed to rectify that through a documentary about his home called This is Brixton. Over the past decade, young professionals and boutique coffee shops have moved into Brixton, and the area now buzzes with fresh wealth. But for many longer-term residents these changes have brought an uncertain future. According to Zoopla, the average price of a house there has almost doubled since 1998, and the film highlights the fears of many that they will eventually be pushed out. Even though many of these changes In Brixton have been visible, Shane believes that much is often left unsaid about regeneration and its closely entwined stepbrother, gentrification. ‘Gentrification is a topic that wants to be hidden,’ he says. ‘It’s an important topic because a lot of people are … (To read the full article, subscribe below)