Published: 21st Apr 2011

Without face to face practical support we could be setting new businesses up for an almighty fall, warns Dawn Whiteley I’m sure many of us are a bit sceptical about ‘evidence based policy’ on the grounds that it involves the expenditure of a lot of time and money on research – which ends up either reminding us of the ‘bleedin’ obvious’, or creating complex consultant designed solutions to a potentially non-existent problem. But credit where credit is due. The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) commissioned SQW last year to research some client views on business support to inform the policymaking process. SQW, a firm for which I have lot of respect, surveyed 1,100 businesses and conducted eight focus groups. What did they discover? There are over 100 dense pages of graphs and tables but here are some conclusions: Business owners call upon a ‘rich diet’ of interactions – … (To read the full article, subscribe below)