Published: 22nd Aug 2019

TPS board member, James Gleave, asks us to consider sustainable travel in the phasing of development. He explores the challenges; questions raised and proposes a future research agenda. When delivering new homes, transport planners face a constant dilemma. Not necessarily of whether we should be building sustainable travel into new developments or not, but when and how best to do it. The principle of incorporating sustainable travel into new developments is well established, although in practice it is highly variable Which is why the Transport Planning Society, Royal Town Planning Institute and Transport for New Homes are working together on guidance  for just this. But how do we deliver and phase new development in a way that embeds sustainable travel from the outset? Connecting new houses to existing destinations Usually if asked this question, the response is simple: we should provide sustainable transport services and infrastructure from the outset, of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)