Published: 21st Mar 2019

Engineers working on the HS2 super-hub at Old Oak Common in north-west London are proposing to ‘tap heat’ from the brakes and engines of high-speed trains to heat up to 500 new homes. The innovative scheme would see five air source heat pumps draw warm air from the railway’s tunnels, where the waste heat from trains is usually extracted through vents and seeps into the ground surrounding the tunnels. HS2 claims that the investment in waste heat recycling system would pay for itself after just 4 years and compared to gas boilers being used in the homes, recycling heat could reduce the carbon footprint of 500 houses by more than a fifth (22%). HS2 innovation manager, Pablo García, said: ‘By taking a long term view of how the benefits of investing in the new high-speed railway can be shared, we’re investigating how to provide sustainable, low-carbon heating and hot water … (To read the full article, subscribe below)