Published: 25th Mar 2009

Tough times amidst the recession are apparently forcing commuters to ditch their cars and public transport and switch to using their bikes to get to and from work. Undoubtedly, opting to cycle rather than drive does bring financial benefits but what often go undersold are the environmental and long-term health benefits. All too often the debate on tackling congestion focuses on aspects such as penalising drivers financially or improving local bus services, but little is said about what can be done to boost cycling rates in local areas. It is now time that councils are empowered to make significant changes locally to make cycling the easiest and most practical transport option. Over the past few months, the LGiU has led an inquiry in partnership with Cycling England to look at some of the obstacles to change and to identify practical ways in which councils could encourage more people to cycle. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)