Published: 20th Feb 2020

Edinburgh council has proposed plans to transform the city’s largest brownfield site into a new sustainable coastal town.  Granton Waterfront consists of 140 hectares of former industrial land, following approval, the site will become a coastal town connecting Granton Harbour to Gypsy Brae. The plans involve the development of around 3,500 new homes, of which at least 35% will be affordable, a school, medical centre, walking and cycling routes and enhanced public transport connections. The plan is to also deliver on exemplary urban design with the focus on ensuring that the development is sustainable while also continuing to contribute to growing the economy in an inclusive way. The plans will be presented to the council’s Policy and Sustainability Committee, who will meet next Tuesday (February 24) to discuss the development. Following approval, the council will work with the Scottish government and other key partners to develop the funding strategy. The … (To read the full article, subscribe below)