Published: 1st Dec 2020

The Scottish Empty Homes Partnership (SEHP) has called on Dundee City Council to consider the city’s 1,209 long term empty homes as part of its strategy to address the local housing crisis. The council recently announced a £6 million housing expenditure programme to tackle the 7,700 housing waiting list. The average cost of bringing a long-term empty home back into use is £9,000, versus a minimum of £125,000 needed for new build properties, according to the partnership. Furthermore, extensive renovation work to revamp an empty house can take just six months compared to a minimum of 12-18 months for the completion of new housing developments. With 600 people registered as homeless in Dundee, the speed of making additional housing available is critical. ‘Bringing empty homes back to life could form a critical part of the solution to Dundee’s housing crisis,’ said the partnership’s national project manager, Shaheena Din (pictured). ‘Building … (To read the full article, subscribe below)