Published: 31st Aug 2011

Salford is not a cosy garden suburb; it is a complex ever changing working class city that is determined to transform itself.  What happened during the disturbances is not how we want to be portrayed but we will learn and create a stronger city. It is dangerous to generalise about the causes of the riots across the country.  It was clear that there were significant differences between even Salford and Manchester.  In Salford there appears to have been more of a connection to organised criminal gangs, and the geographical location of our disturbances was fundamentally different from the rest of the country. Ours took place in the middle of a large social housing estate where the rioters were determined to trash the very shops that the community depend upon for their goods and livelihoods.  As we went through the night it became clear that the rioters had two objectives: one … (To read the full article, subscribe below)