Published: 3rd Mar 2020

The most vulnerable members of society must not be left to ‘pick up the bill’ of the net-zero transition, according to Co-op CEO Steve Murrells. In a wide-ranging speech at the Westminster Business Forum last week, Mr Murrells warned that as we move to a zero-carbon world, there ‘can’t be a repeat of the 1980s’, where whole communities were cast aside as the UK changed its means of sourcing energy from coal to North Sea oil & gas. In the retail sector, he called for a unified response to issues such as packaging, plastic and electric lorries, adding that companies must work more collaboratively and not use the issue as a means of ‘grand-standing on their own climate promises.’ In terms of rebuilding a post-Brexit Britain, Murrells stressed that this must be about healing the rifts which exist now in the UK, rather than just protecting and strengthening the interests … (To read the full article, subscribe below)