‘Take back control’ was one of the rallying cries used by the Leave campaign to persuade the UK to leave the EU. However, many don’t seem to apply the same sentiment to taking back power from Westminster. Devolution for England’s cities lingers at the bottom of the news agenda, all too often overshadowed by Brexit as the negotiations unfold. Voters remain uninterested and uninspired by talk of localism and localised powers. All of this is despite successive governments treating devolution as a priority, with former chancellor George Osborne forecasting that a cities devolution bill would forge a ‘radical new model of city government’. In fact, new research published in GK Strategy’s latest report, Devolution disconnected: political priority, public apathy finds that devolution has failed to win the hearts and minds of the electorate. GK’s sister agency Onefourzero found there had been a 37% decrease in online conversations surrounding devolution in … (To read the full article, subscribe below)


Emily Wallace is chief executive of GK Strategy