Published: 25th May 2018

Scottish environmental groups have complained that some developers are treating green spaces as ‘optional extras’ when designing new projects. In a joint submission to the Scottish Government’s local government and communities committee, Scottish Environment Link and the Scottish Wildlife Trust said they remain ‘frustrated’ that all too many developments are coming forward where parks and green infrastructure appears to be an ‘after-thought’. ‘It would appear that many of the policies and procedures that apply to green infrastructure are termed as “the developer should”, rather than “the developer must”,’ the submission states. ‘This results in the provision of high-quality green space often being treated as an optional extra by developers.’ The submission was part of a roundtable evidence session on assessing green spaces in Scotland, and the written submission from the two organisations states they would like to see stronger planning measures to ensure that ‘green infrastructure is planned into new … (To read the full article, subscribe below)