Published: 17th May 2013

I’ve become increasingly fascinated by palliative care over the past couple of years. Not you understand because I’m expecting to die soon, but because it is such an emotive subject. Modern medical science is so advanced that there are far more decisions to be made as end of life approaches. Thinking back 30 or more years to when previous generations of my family died, it is quite likely that the condition that brought about their demise would not prove fatal today. This is certainly true of my mother and two of my grandparents. Recent media controversy over the use of the Liverpool Care Pathway illustrates the point; increasingly, we have to choose when it is time to die. And so not surprisingly the NHS, hospice movement and the many charities that provide care to the dying have some very complicated care pathways, protocols and practices. They all have to balance … (To read the full article, subscribe below)