Published: 16th Mar 2011

Slashed council budgets are leading to more public spaces being placed in the hands of local people. Clare Goff looks at a new guide that explains how it’s done As public sector spend dwindles, the transfer of assets from the public to community ownership is growing. While buildings are the most common assets moving into community hands, the benefits of public space transfers are becoming more apparent. Transfers range from huge swathes of open land to small local plots and are a means not only of revitalising green spaces but also of building and reinvigorating communities. In 1999 Torbay Council set up a charitable trust to manage almost 500ha of its land, a move which dramatically increased volunteering. Northamptonshire Council worked with many organisations to help create a series of ‘pocket parks’ across the borough managed by local people. England has a strong tradition of community stewardship of green spaces … (To read the full article, subscribe below)