Published: 6th Jun 2011

Fiona Mannion explains how a European project is furthering the exchange of best practice to help towns and cities adapt to climate change Tree planting in Sicily. Italy is one of eight countries across the EU taking part in the Grabs project. This summer, a Town and Country Planning Association-led project draws to a close. Consisting of 14 partners from eight different member states in the European Union, the Green and Blue Space Adaptation in Urban Areas and Eco-towns (Grabs) project has sought to promote knowledge and understanding of climate change adaptation. Too often, adaptation has focused on biodiversity and the survival of ecosystems, with little emphasis placed on the impact of extreme weather on our towns and cities and the social and economic devastation that this can cause. The Grabs project, funded by Interreg IVC, has addressed the issue of reducing the long-term vulnerability of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)