Published: 28th Apr 2020

Housing policy must change and prioritise green spaces within new housing developments, after the coronavirus lockdown has exposed how many UK residents have little or no easy access to them, according to ecology consultancy Ecological Planning & Research Ltd (EPR). As the UK now enters its 6th week of lockdown, essential social distancing measures implemented to mitigate the effects of coronavirus have highlighted the critical importance of quality green spaces within housing developments. Time spent in green and blue spaces has long been understood to improve human wellbeing, with people living in greener areas suffering notably lower levels of mental distress than those with limited access to green space. A UK study, published in the August issue of Applied Geography, found there is a very strong relationship between the amount of green space around a person’s home and their feelings of life satisfaction, happiness and self-worth. It also said that … (To read the full article, subscribe below)