Published: 25th Mar 2020

Oxford City Council has announced that they will provide homeless individuals with self-contained rooms to help keep them safe during the Covid-19 outbreak.  The council is working closely with Public Health England, Thames Valley Police, and the charities Turning Point and Outreach to provide supported housing to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus amongst homeless people. The council have said they will no longer provide people with communal living spaces and instead are looking to provide 100 individuals with a hotel or other self-contained rooms. Currently, the council has only managed to secure 21 rooms, but they have said they are assessing their options in order to provide more. Once these rooms are available it will mean that people can move out of communal living spaces in Floyds Row, O’Hanlon House and the Oxford Winter Night Shelter, into safer individual rooms. Outreach service workers are going to provide individuals with … (To read the full article, subscribe below)