Published: 7th Sep 2020

A group of 40 Tory MPs has launched a taskforce to ‘champion ideas to boost Britain’s lagging areas’. The ‘Levelling Up’ Taskforce will produce a regular newsletter charting progress on levelling up and producing further publications on ways to spread opportunity and boost growth in poorer areas. The group is being launched off the back of a new report by the Onward think tank, which claims the Conservatives now have more MP seats in low paid areas than Labour. The report warns that the UK is one of the most geographically unbalanced developed economies. In Germany, it says 12% of people live in areas where the average income is 10% below the national average, while in the UK more than a third (35%) do. The report also states that opportunity is not evenly spread in the UK. In Greater London over 45% of poorer pupils who were eligible for free … (To read the full article, subscribe below)