Published: 5th Dec 2017

Last week saw the launch of three more ‘zero waste towns’ in Scotland. Tapping into the  creativity of communities is the key to building a circular economy, says Iain Gulland. Building on the legacy of two previous zero waste town initiatives, funded initially by Zero Waste Scotland, but led by communities in Bute and Dunbar respectively, I’m excited to see what will come from these three new projects. The scope and focus of the zero waste town approach is designed by locals with community benefits and aspirations in mind. There’s no standard template for this. We’ve seen Zero Waste Bute and Zero Waste Dunbar take hold and flourish and, importantly, continue with vigour after funding came to a close. Zero Waste Dunbar recently opened a re-use hub on its high street, an initiative entirely led by the community. The experience in Bute has led to a cross-Argyll initiative called Re-style … (To read the full article, subscribe below)