Published: 8th Jan 2019

An independent commission set up by the homeless charity Shelter has called for 3.1m social homes to be built in a bid to solve the country’s growing housing crisis. In a new report, Shelter’s social housing commission for a major 20-year housebuilding programme, including 1.27m new social homes for those who are currently homeless, living with a disability or a long-term. In addition, it calls for an extra 1.17m social homes to be built to help younger families who cannot afford to buy and face a lifetime in expensive and insecure private renting. And it recommends an extra 690,000 homes be built for people over 55, who are struggling with high-housing costs and insecurity after they retire. The report warns that the current housing crisis has been mainly caused by people being forced to rent, because homes are too expensive to buy. ‘Many private renters on low incomes struggle to afford … (To read the full article, subscribe below)