Published: 13th Jun 2017

Colchester Council looks set to become the latest local authority to enter the home building business. Members of the council’s cabinet are due to meet tomorrow to discuss approving the business case for a new housing development company, which will be wholly owned by the authority. According to the cabinet report, the council has ‘ambitious plans to bring house building to the forefront’ and is looking to ‘build homes, year-on-year, that meet the needs of local people’. The report also states that the new company will be able to generate local jobs, increase the supply of affordable homes in the borough and set high standards for house building and efficiency. ‘The model is flexible and adaptable, and able to meet market demands, and the needs of local people with the ability to bring more sites on stream, as the company grows and homes are provided by the community,’ the report … (To read the full article, subscribe below)