Published: 16th Oct 2020

The chief executive of Coventry City Council has called for ‘radical thinking and a coalition of partners’ to reimagine the role of cities. Speaking at an event organised by E.ON, Martin Reeves said the current investment model into cities was ‘broken’ and needs rethinking. ‘It is based on a very narrow set of parameters economically without a real understanding of how you invest for wider value capture,’ said Mr Reeves. ‘If Covid-19 has shown us one thing, it is that the power of big government often becomes fragile under a crisis – which is a worrying thought as the climate crisis continues to accelerate. However, with clarity, radical thinking and a coalition of partners who have something to gain – we can reimagine cities and create a positive future for all.’ According to new research commissioned by E.ON, the vast majority (92%_ of leaders saying they have made sweeping changes in … (To read the full article, subscribe below)