Published: 31st Mar 2020

Charities are reporting a projected loss of 48% in their volunteer’s income following the Covid-19 pandemic. The Institue of Fundraising, the Charity Finance Group and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations has conducted a survey on over 500 charities in order to assess the impact of the crisis on their organisations. According to the survey which was published yesterday (March 30), 52% of charities have already reduced their levels of service, with 12% intending to do so in the future. 91% of the charities surveyed said they have already or expect to have their cash flow disrupted, with 62% indicating that this will result in reduced charitable activity. With charity shops closed and fundraising events cancelled while demand for services is increasing, the charity leaders have warned that charities across the country are facing imminent collapse as their fundraising income dries up. Charities have been in conversation with the government … (To read the full article, subscribe below)