Published: 5th Feb 2015

Voluntary groups delivering services are backing off from campaigning for the interests of their service users and communities. This is the conclusion of the latest in a series of reports from the National Coalition for Independent Action looking at how charities and voluntary groups involved with service delivery are faring in today’s world of cuts and contracts. Saying Less and Doing More by Dr Mike Aiken reveals a climate of fear and muzzling of freedom of expression. Though small informal groups and activists are still very much in evidence, local voluntary services groups who historically combined their services with advocacy and campaigning are under increasing pressure to button their lips and some larger charities who are ‘contract heavy’ show much less interest in campaign work for their disadvantaged clients. The report states: ‘The injunction to silence knowledgeable voluntary groups from talking about their experiences would be quite at home in any totalitarian regime seeking to crush independent … (To read the full article, subscribe below)