Published: 23rd Jun 2014

‘This is probably the most important period of US history bar none – I include the American Revolution – because we’ve run out of options. Either we develop a new way forward or fascism is a possibility or we will see growing decay.’ This is a fascinating take on the future history of the USA, by the political activist and historian Gar Alperovitz, interviewed in New Start by Clare Goff last week.  Alperovitz is increasingly prominent in the political debate around the edges of politics, which takes a rather longer view (not hard actually) than the day-to-day debate. It is the most important period of American history because there is an emerging sense, not just that the old systems are failing, but that radically different economic solutions are within reach.  Appealing to the self-determination of the American Revolution won’t work over here, but it carries a sense of economic liberation which … (To read the full article, subscribe below)