Published: 3rd Jun 2019

All across the UK, student housing co-operatives are springing up as students face the insecurity of soaring rents and distant landlords.  Student housing co-ops have existed in North America for over a century but are relatively new to the UK, with the oldest one currently in operation having been founded in 2014. Student housing co-ops provide an alternative form of student housing that students can personally own and maintain, in contrast with the tenant/landlord model of the private rental sector. The main advantage they have over traditional student housing is that rent is only used to cover the costs of the co-op itself, such as mortgage repayment, council tax or repairs. This in turn keeps the rent affordable and stable, and prevents it being raised for private gain. Scaling up ‘Casa Zimbabwe’, Berkeley Student Co-operative. Credit: William Mallard (CC BY-2.5) According to the organisations encouraging the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)