Published: 19th Apr 2021

The director-general of the CBI called for industrial clusters in every region as the only way to level up. Speaking at the CBI’s first Urban Revival conference, Tony Danker said the government must harness local strengths to propel regional economies through recovery towards enduring prosperity. ‘For economists, the UK’s productivity gap – perhaps our most important driver of living standards is now at its widest in a century,’ said Mr Danker. ‘London’s productivity is almost a third higher than the UK average. And over 50% higher than in Yorkshire & Humber – hitting wages, and quality of life. ‘Meanwhile, compared to other advanced economies. In Europe, or America, our cities, outside London, aren’t reaching their full potential. Costing the economy around £50bn every year. ‘For citizens, the UK is a deeply unequal country,’ he added. ‘For too many – where you’re born determines your health, wealth, life expectancy, and opportunities. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)