Published: 21st Feb 2020

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has called for the English equivalent of the Barnett formula to ensure regions outside of London receive their fair share of funding. Speaking at the event in Newcastle, Mr Burnham and an English version of the funding formula would ‘end the tyranny of the Whitehall bidding culture where pots of funding are set at a national level and everyone else wastes time and resources bidding and competing’. The Barnett formula is a mechanism used by the Treasury to automatically make sure that any extra public spending in England is matched by additional funding for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The mayor said an English equivalent to the Barnett Formula for different regions would guarantee that investment is made in places outside of London as a consequence of any major investment in the capital. Mr Burnham also made the case for a reformed form of city-regional … (To read the full article, subscribe below)