Published: 28th Jul 2015

The Bristol Pound is rooting itself in the city and helping turn Bristol into a local economic incubator, reports Clare Goff On the front of Bristol’s Corn Exchange is a clock with two minute hands. One hand shows Greenwich Mean Time and the other displays ‘Bristol time’, eleven minutes later. It’s a throwback to the early 19th century, to a period before railways and standardised time systems. Overlooking the city’s old trading quarter, it serves as a reminder that this is a city that likes to march to the beat of a different drum. It was here three years ago that the Bristol Pound was launched. On the 19th September 2012 the city’s Lord Mayor stood by one of the four pillars outside the Corn Exchange – known as ‘nails’ – that are ancient sites of exchange in the city and asked ‘What will anyone give me in exchange for … (To read the full article, subscribe below)