Published: 7th Feb 2017

As huge cuts threaten Bristol’s neighbourhood partnerships and local services, the city is taking a partnership approach to social and economic change ‘This is no longer about salami-slicing but cutting. The things you view as part of the social fabric are going to stop and the only option is to look at alternatives.’ Thus one of the speakers at People, Places and Spaces: community-led solutions for Bristol, summed up the bleak reality for the city, following the council’s announcement that it needs to cut more than £100m from its budget over the next five years. Figuring out the ‘alternative’ was the aim of Saturday’s event, convened by Locality and Bristol Council, and attended by over 200 people from community and voluntary organisations across the city. A chance to re-think places and services There are plenty of examples of communities taking over local services and assets, be they parks or libraries, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)